We have an absolute commitment to quality and we fully understand the financial pressures that drive deadlines for our customers – this customer-focus and our ability to meet deadlines and work within the agreed budget is one of the reasons why we are the first choice for many companies looking for the best processing system on the market.

We provide fabrication services and stainless steel products for a broad range of markets including breweries, pharma, food companies and many other sectors.

We have the expertise and proven track record to deliver complete solution services, project management and design expertise that take the pressure off clients and eliminates the need to co-ordinate with multiple suppliers regarding the delivery of components from a variety of sources; this not only saves time and project management resources, it leads to a more streamlined process and it offers cost efficiencies also.

When working with Spectac International you will benefit from our proven track record, our years of experience and our planning and project management expertise that we bring to each and every company we work with.

All our work is backed up by vigorous testing, inspections and quality control checks before leaving our plant. Once delivered onsite, all products or systems are installed and testing again. We provide maintenance contracts to ensure the longevity of the products and systems we manufacture and at every step of the way we offer excellent customer services and after sales care as standard.

Our Step-by-Step Approach 

  • 1. Planning and Design
  • 2. Manufacturing
  • 3. Mechanical and Electrical
  • 4. PLC Software
  • 5. Customer Care
  • 6. Maintenance

Generally, we manufacture to order and the range of services and products includes;

  1. Complete systems 
  2. Bespoke design & fabrication, in line with specifications, received
  3. PLC software – specify requirements, configure the system, training and support
  4. Services at your facility; installing our systems, commissioning products and testing efficiency in production, post installation training and technical support

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