2018 – The Year in Review

December is always a good time to sit back and reflect on the months just gone, taking stock of what has been accomplished before heading into a brand-new year. Whilst our company has celebrated more than 30 new years in its lifetime, we never forget the importance of pausing to acknowledge past successes and the people who have made them possible.

Since our foundation in 1986, our family-run business has established itself as a global manufacturer of Stainless-Steel products, including vessels, tanks, and related products for the Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Brewing, Distilling and Dairy industries. Our large international client base is a testament to our quarter decade of success coupled with our dedication to quality, efficiency and industry expertise.

Before ringing in 2019 we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight those projects that have made 2018 a great year for our company. While there have been many successful endeavours, these three demonstrate how our expertise and experience combined with advanced technology can help our customers achieve their business goals.


150HL high-tech brewery facility 

2018 saw the completion of the 150HL Dundalk Bay Brewery facility which went into production in January with further expansions intermittently throughout the year. The advanced 150 HL fermenting vessels with bespoke and extensive technical designs allow for the delivery of innovative engineering techniques involved in the brewing and fermentation stages of production for Dundalk Bay Brewery. This Brewery is a state of the art, fully automated brewery that is bringing a welcome return to brewing in one of the towns traditional brewing hubs.


Commitment to the biotech and pharma industries

Achieving the highest standards of quality manufacturing means continually investing in high-calibre people and technology. In 2018 our company invested heavily in the most advanced machinery for our 44,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Dundalk. Geared towards biotech and pharmaceutical markets, our facility and equipment can provide vessels for both markets. Our design team works with our customers to customise designs based on our customers’ needs and requirements while following regulatory guidelines and standards.


Successful launch of our own designed pharma tanks

The advantages of having engineering, production and quality control in-house means that we can supervise quality to the highest levels possible and guarantee solutions which satisfy the most stringent requirements. In 2018 we took this one step further by completely designing and manufacturing a range of 300L tanks for one of our pharmaceutical clients. Each stainless-steel vessel was fitted with key features and designs to provide a range of benefits during the processing of pharmaceutical products.


Contract win for Meade Distillery project

We’re delighted to end this year with a contract win for the complete solution for Meade Distillery project which includes a 4000 Litre Copper/Stainless Wash Still and a 200L Spirit Still. Production calculations for this project is showing capabilities of 10,000 bottles per week. The project is currently ongoing, and the complete solution is proposed to be commissioned and installed in the early half of 2019.  Keep an eye out for our news in January to learn more about this project.

Here at Spectac International we’re looking forward to 2019 and looking ahead to further developments with clients who we have connected with this year in a range of different sectors.

Until then we wish you a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year!

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