300L Tanks Completed for Pharmaceutical Processing

Within the Pharmaceutical industry, our technical engineers are often involved as advisors in the early stages of developing new installations for an optimal tank or process design, and for the selection of the correct features for tanks and process vessels.

By having engineering, production and quality control in-house, we are able to supervise quality to the highest levels possible and guarantee you solutions which satisfy the most stringent requirements.

We have recently completed a project to design and manufacture a range of 300L tanks for one of our Pharmaceutical clients. Each stainless-steel vessel is fitted with key features and designs that provide a range of benefits during the processing of pharmaceutical products.


Heating & Cooling Jackets

The heating and cooling jackets play an important role in tanks for pharmaceutical processes. Temperature control and agitation during the process are key to achieving a successful and repeatable outcome. Thermal considerations are calculated by our engineers to achieve the most effective and efficient heating or cooling requirements. We ensure that the temperature of products within such vessels can be controlled within narrow limits (+/- 0.5 °C) to achieve the highest growth and product formation rates and avoid product variation during production. The jacket regulates temperatures in the vessel by minimising heat loss or heat gain. With the ability to regulate temperatures it enables companies to control temperate and thereby helps to reduce overall maintenance costs. The heating and cooling jacket can also maintain and control the product quality produced. The jacket is usually a second shell over the tank. It creates an annular space to allow cooling or heating to flow through. They are typical used for high volume fluids and are generally used for low pressure applications.

Temperate Probes

These specific tanks were fitted with three stainless steel temperature probes. A temperature probe is like a temperature sensor. The probe needs to be immersed in the liquid being held in the tank to measure the temperature of the liquid. A temperature probe typically measures the change in voltage and changes it to a format which can be measured by the operator. Spectac International can work with clients to manufacture a bespoke temperature probe if it is required for a specific application or standard temperature probes can be used.

Control Panels

The tanks were also fitted with a control panel, which can be customised by Spectac International to meet specific needs of the product being produced and special requirements of clients. Intelligent controls have optimised equipment operation, conserving resources and maximising the life of the equipment. Every functional element required for the process, can be integrated into the preparation and design of the control panel. For example, the control panel can be used to set the temperature in the tank, facilitate sterile ingredient additions and homogenisation.

Our control panels feature an easy-to-use, remote interface for monitoring temperature, operating parameters and alarms. These sophisticated controls adjust fan speed, initiate adiabatic functions, control the free-cooling valve and maintain pumping stations. The system takes into account real-time ambient temperature and adjusts operation accordingly to keep it running using the most efficient method possible, all without any input needed from an operator.

Spectac International understand that our clients must adhere to strict health and safety regulations in the pharmaceutical industry. At the end of the day the products that are produced revolve around the health of consumers and patients so the highest quality of standards are required.

Whether you want a tank built according to an existing concept in order to maintain your validated process or a cutting-edge tank design, our skilled engineers will be more than happy to actively collaborate with you. If your tank is to be implemented in a clean room, we can also discuss a hygienic design with you.

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