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has recently been featured in a special Sunday Business Post supplement as part of Enterprise Ireland’s Global Ambition campaign. The campaign is an initiative of Enterprise Ireland and its aim is to encourage Irish companies to be inspired by others who are successful exporters. The article highlights Spectac International as the only complete distillery and brewhouse manufacturer in Ireland and an indigenous company that has successfully driven exports in recent years.


Spectac International has been in business since the mid 1980’s and over decades the team has been honing our skills and continuously innovating to become a leading manufacturer of brewhouses, mixing vessels, blending vessels and many other products for organisations throughout Europe. We export products to distilleries to pharma, chemical and biotech industries as well as to dairy and food producers.

Over the last thirty years or so, Spectac International has expanded into new markets in the UK, USA, Germany as well as France and Austria and this has been a huge success. There has been a big increase in demand for our products and we predict this growth to increase over the next decade as we become more established in these new markets.

We have no plans to rest on our laurels though and will continue to work on growing exports. We have several exciting projects in the pipeline, so watch this space!

International Clients

Managing Director Tony Healy, in conjunction with his daughter Faye, has led the company from strength to strength and won contracts for Spectac International with some of the biggest players on the world stage. Our clients include household names such as Diageo, Coca Cola, Henkel, Abbott and Cadbury.

It’s obviously great achievement to be working with big international organisations but the company hasn’t forgotten it’s roots and continues to share its expertise with many Irish companies. The Craft Beer scene in Ireland is booming and small breweries are popping up across the country. Spectac International has manufactured brewhouses for many of these including Wicklow Wolf and Metalman Brewing.

Specialist Areas

Spectac International works in several specialist areas. What has worked so well with all our international clients is that we can provide complete turnkey solutions. This removes the need of having to work with many different suppliers when upgrading a system or building from scratch. Our team can work right from the design phase all the way through to manufacturing and installation. We also provide excellent aftersales service.

This has been a big hit with our clients as the projects run much more smoothly. You can read more about some of our latest projects here.


To ensure we remain a leading stainless steel and brewhouse manufacturer, investment is central to everything we do. We invest heavily in staff training so they understand all our client’s requirements. We pay close attention to equipment being released and add the latest technology to our production line. We can then fabricate the highest quality products for our customers in shorter timeframes.

Spectac International has also recently upgraded our production facility and included a high bay area. There has been a big increase in demand throughout Europe for larger vessels and we are now in a position to capitalise on this.

Contact Us

No matter where you’re based we will be able to provide the right solution for your project. Please get in touch with a member of our team, we look forward to hearing from you.

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