Cheese Vats

What are cheese vats?

A cheese vat is a round vat where the curd is moulded and cut in the cheese making process. Cheese vats have been designed to maximise yield and usability. Spectac International work closely with customers to ensure that the design of their cheese vats suit their production and location requirements. Vats can vary in sizes anything from 100lt up to 1,500lt. They also come in various sizes and shapes with either standard mixing blades or cutting blades all custom designed to suit the users design and usability.

The agitator system in the cheese vat can be managed using the control panel which has VSD contained inside for mixer speed control. Automatic cheese vats usually function without the presence of an operator once the recipes have been inputted into the automation system. Once the automation is set up, the production process information is sent directly to the phone of the person in charge. Spectac International offer a maintenance and repairs service to clients and ensure that the cheese vat is maximising yield for the client.

Benefits of using a cheese vat:

  1. By using a cheese vat – cheese producers are guaranteed a consistently high-quality product. In traditional cheese making, the biggest task was making consistent high-quality product under any circumstance, no matter who was making the cheese or what raw products were being used to produce the cheese. By automating the process of cheese production – cheese makers can rely on consistent quality because the process always stays the same, when it is controlled automatically. The cheese vat manages the entire process of cheese making from filling the vat to cleaning it out, without any human control required. Spectac International work with a wide variety of dairy customers, providing them with bespoke cheese vats custom designed to suit their production process.
  2. Having an automated production process means there is a higher yield of product, due to minimum product loss. The process is constantly running and will notify the operator in control via their phone if the equipment requires any repairs or adjustments. Spectac International offer maintenance contracts and a repairs service specific for cheese vats. Carrying out regular maintenance checks on cheese vats leads to fewer breakdowns or production stoppages.
  3. Production can also be flexible as the cheese makers have access to the control panel – they can change the speed of mixing and manage the cutting tools, as well as the temperature and phase duration of the cheese vat.

What to look out for when buying a cheese vat?

When purchasing a cheese vat, the buyer must pay attention to the reliability of the automation equipment – when the cheese vat is working properly, and output is maximised – automation of the cheese production process is great, but if the cheese vat has unreliable parts this can lead to a dairy factory that is producing cheese to have a lot of production stoppages, costing the owners time and money.

Spectac International’s maintenance contract ensures that cheese vats are regularly serviced, and any parts that are worn down and need replacing can be scheduled at a time that suits you and not when the cheese vat decides to breakdown itself. The current work carried out by Spectac International usually involves increasing the longevity of cheese vats, by repairing blades, changing cutting knives or compiling an internal polish of the cheese vat. The reliability of parts can be examined by checking the quality of the equipment parts and ensuring that spare parts are readily available if and when required.

For more information about Spectac International’s maintenance and repairs services for cheese vats contact us today.

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