Gin Still on the Rise and Here to Stay!

Unless you have been going around with your head in the sand lately, it is impossible not to have noticed that good old gin is making a big comeback these days. Gin is the new spirit of choice and gin bars have been popping up across the country, to cater to the discerning gin drinkers who are looking for high quality gin with distinctive and unique flavours. Whether you prefer a classic gin and tonic or a little more sophistication of gin with elderflower tonic and pink grapefruit, there are endless flavour inventions to explore.

This trend isn’t anything new to Spectac International, who have been servicing the distilling industry for decades, providing quality gin stills and processing vessels that enable gin producers in Ireland and the UK to create new and interesting gin flavours to service this emerging trend.

Our gin stills are ATEX-certified, ensuring they are suitable for installation in designated hazardous areas. Heating elements that are required can be discussed with the client but we tend to steer towards electric element heating, which in our opinion, works very well and is a more efficient way of heating the vessel through three phased power.

We also manufacture botanical baskets for these vessels which is perforated and removable. Our gin still vessels have electrical control panels for temperature controls etc. and condensers.

Spectac International can manufacture a range of distilling products and gin still vessels in various sizes to suit your production requirements, from the craft gin maker to much larger production facilities. The picture below is an example of a 500L Gin Still.


To find out more about Gin Stills or any of our distilling stainless steel vessels or complete distilling solutions, contact us on +353 4293 30490 today.

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