Good News Travels Fast as Dundalk Bay Brewery is About to Kick Start Production

We all know that good news travels fast and that’s certainly the case recently with Spectac International making the headlines due to their recent innovative project that is very close to home. Faye Healy, company director of Spectac International, has manufactured, installed and commissioned a state of the art, automated brewery that will see a welcome return to brewing in one of the towns traditional brewing hubs. The Dundalk Bay Brewery is the only commercial brewery of its kind in the country, breaking new ground within the industry, and both Enterprise Ireland and The Independent have been talking about this exciting development.

Dundalk Bay Brewery will be focusing on contract brewing on behalf of others that do not have the capacity to produce the volumes they need and the 45 hectolitre brewery is ready to go into production following a recent successful test run.

Faye Healy, Company Director, says that “this brewery is fully automated and can even be operated by an iPhone meaning we can guarantee consistency which is paramount when contracting. It also means everything can be done quicker and more economically. We will be developing recipes with our head brewer and will have a team of up to 15 staff in year one and onwards and upwards after that.”

“There is a lot of experience of brewing in the town of Dundalk and we are open to anyone who worked in the breweries here to get in touch with us and we would like to be able to tap into that tradition. Dundalk was a great brewing hub with MacArdle Moore and Harp so it is great to restart that tradition again.’

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