Mixing units used for food processes

Spectac International have a lot of knowledge working in the food industry. Our engineers can plan, design and transform production processes to help companies save time, reduce costs, reduce lead times and maintain competitive advantage in the marketing place. Spectac International produce mixing units used during food processes in the food industry.

Mixing is fundamental to food processing operations, for example in the preparation of ingredients and adding solids to liquids. Different mixers are used for different requirements in the food industry;

Liquid-liquid mixing

Liquid-liquid emulsions are important to manufacture margarine’s or spreads.

Solid-liquid mixing

Solid-liquid mixing is important to the creation of many food batters, pastes and dough’s.

Mixing processes happen throughout food processing industries. The process of mixing brings about a physical or chemical change in ingredients being processed. Mixing units are developed to yield a precise final product, from complicated recipes and processes, to exact temperature or chemical requirements.

Spectac International manufacture bespoke mixing vessels based on customer requirements. Mixing units can hold hot and cold ingredients. They can be installed indoors or outdoors. Hygiene is an important factor because of the materials being handled in a mixing unit, so the vessels are usually internally polished. Spectac International’s engineers have a lot of experience designing and developing mixing units, they work closely with clients to produce a mixing unit that will suit their needs and environment.

Spectac International provide a maintenance service to clients for all our stainless-steel equipment to ensure that equipment is maintained to a high-quality standard to produce food products on a regular basis.

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