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We’ve written in the past about the success of the Pharma sector based here in Ireland and to a large extent much of this growth has been down to the fact that the manufacturing standards maintained at Irish pharma plants are probably second to none – the FDA requires the most stringent quality manufacturing processes and Enterprise Ireland believes that about 30 facilities here comply with their requirements.

In Ireland the trade body BioPharmaChem Ireland represents the industry and it estimates that the level of recent capital investment by global companies in this sector exceeds €3 billion. This marks Ireland out as a key player when it comes to securing Foreign Direct Investment by biopharma, pharma and chemical companies. And if Brexit brought some uncertainty to the marketplace in recent months, in the longer term it’s probably reasonable to assume that it will make Ireland even more attractive to these businesses, given that we will be the only country in Europe, speaking English and using the Euro (other than Malta, which will also compete for these types of investments however it has limited capacity, given that it is an island about 17k long)

So what are the implications for Irish companies and suppliers like Spectac International ? There can be no doubt but that demand is set to grow for all the products and services that support these facilities. In particular where components are physically large and challenging to transport, such as tanks and vessels, there are clear advantages in working with local suppliers; in terms of logistics and transport costs. On top of that, automated manufacturing systems are being introduced across the marketplace and access to local expertise in this respect is likely to be in strong demand.

Pharma Complete Manufacturing Solutions

Automated Processes Cut Costs

The move towards automated manufacturing continues to gain momentum, as the commercial benefits prove to be considerable. These include lower manufacturing costs, improved productivity and greater flexibility as the processes can be controlled remotely. By working with a single supplier to design, fabricate, install and commission a complete automated turnkey solution, clients also get the benefit of more competitive pricing on the initial capital investment as it’s easier for one supplier to work through an entire project than to have to liaise with multiple parties/other suppliers. And of course if you choose to work with Spectac International, you have the re-assurance of “a safe pair of hands” as we are one of the most experienced suppliers of manufacturing systems in the marketplace today.

Also it’s re-assuring to know that we have specialist expertise in the marketplace and our product range includes Pharma mixing tanks, chemical vessels and more, see;

  • Aseptic Vessels
  • Bio-reactors
  • Fermenting Vessels
  • Shell & Tubes
  • Skid Units and CIP

Our quality stainless steel components are installed in world-class Pharma and Bio-Pharma companies including Bristol-Myers Squibb, Loctite (Henkel), Leo Laboratories and many others. And our capacity has recently been radically increased, having moved to a much larger facility and invested heavily in equipment and machinery, including a highly innovative Plasma Seam Welder.

Latest Technology in Automatic Welding

This SAF Colum & Boom welding machine offers pharma and related businesses huge advantages; greater capacity to produce top-quality components, lower cost of fabrication, excellent repeatability and quicker production. Welds also look aesthetically more appealing as they are smooth and completed to a much higher level of precision than can be achieved through traditional manual welding.

We’d be delighted to discuss your requirements and if helpful we can welcome you to our premises – to demonstrate this impressive equipment, and to share the depth of expertise we have within the team.

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