Pharmaceutical testing at Spectac

Black Light testing:

Used to validate the cleaning procedure. This helps identify if the CIP procedure is not working properly and highlights the areas of the vessel that are not getting cleaned. A vessel that is not cleaned correctly is prone to harbouring bacteria.

The benefit of this testing is that you get immediate visual results on the full coverage of the vessel in comparison to taking swabs of only specific areas and waiting 1 week for lab results.

Black light testingTest Procedure:

  1. All nozzles, mixers and other difficult to clean areas are fully covered.
  2. Verify full coverage by using a black light.
  3. Test the CIP procedure by connecting the Spray ball to the water supply.
  4. After testing the CIP procedure, shine the Black light inside the vessel, the green particals will determine where the spray ball is not reaching.
  5. If these test fails there may be a requirement for an additional spray ball or a different type of spray ball .We can test different spray ball types to determine the best possible option.

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