Spectac International Bright Beer Tanks

Spectac International manufactures highly polished, bespoke designed bright beer vessels and tanks, produced with cooling jackets – either limpet coil jackets or simple jackets for greater temperature control. Spectac International’s Bright Beer Tanks are pressure rated, temperature controlled tanks used to hold beer in preparation for packaging. Bright beer refers to beer that has been rendered bright or clear, by filtration and maturation.

Stainless steel Bright Beer Tanks allow the tanks to be reused, sanitised easily and does not affect remains invincible to odour change or discoloration.

Bright Beer Tanks (BBT), or otherwise known as conditioning tanks/vessels can either be horizontal or vertical standing tanks built according to ASME pressure vessel standards. All of our equipment is tested at Spectac International’s premises, using certified equipment and when required we can also provide third party certification and approval. Spectac International provide fitting and installation services to all our valued clients and offer to conduct an annual service.


The quality of your beer is impacted by the efficacy of your bright tank. Spectac International manufacture and install bespoke state-of-the-art Bright Beer Tanks. We have supplied numerous craft brewers with BBT’s, as well as large international brand such as Diageo and many others. If you want to find out which service is best for you, please contact us.

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