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Director of Spectac International, Faye Healy, was recently interviewed by Stainless Steel World News, to feature in an article on the topic of “Manufacturing stainless steel vessels for process industry”. During this interview Faye had the chance to talk about Spectac International’s journey since the establishment of the company in 1986 to the present day.

Since 2013 Spectac International has grown their workforce by nearly 50% and, in 2015, increased the size of the facility from 15,000 square foot to 40,000 square foot, which enabled Spectac International to win larger contracts, “I have completely remarketed and remodelled Spectac, which was a risk that has worked out well”, explains Ms. Healy.

Ms. Healy goes on to explain that Spectac International manufacture and install stainless steel tanks and vessels used across different industries, including, brewing, distilling, food & beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical. “In terms of material, we either use grade 304L or 316L stainless steel, depending on the industry for which the vessel is designed”.

“While demand for stainless steel tanks and vessels is generally growing, industries are cyclical,” explains Ms. Healy. “Fortunately, however, demand for our products comes from many different sectors, so when one sector is quiet, another one booms, balancing things out more or less. In this respect, we are protected from market volatility”. Faye goes on to explain that the drinks industry is experiencing strong growth at the moment, particularly the Irish whiskey and beer industries.

To read the full article with Stainless Steel World News, click here to download the PDF.

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