Spectac Manufactures High-Specification Vessel That Sustains Dense Substances Through Temperature Control For Pharma Companies

Spectac International is currently manufacturing an efficient limpet coil reactor for one of its pharmaceutical clients

Pharmaceutical company’s often work with dense elements and substances that require immense heating/cooling in order to obtain a chemical reaction which is highly necessary for the production of the end substance. Temperature plays such a very critical role in determining product quality. The flow of heat into or out of the element, involves unsteady or transient heat transfer. The vessel used for the said purpose must be embedded with a temperature resistant distribution system to ensure uniformity in fluid velocity and good distribution of heat around the vessel’s hemisphere.

spectac-limpet-coil-vessel-blog insertSpectac has been a leading manufacturer of stainless-steel vessels for the pharmaceutical industry for the past three decades. We are committed to delivering high-quality stainless-steel solutions that adhere to industry standards and norms to ensure the smooth production of high-end pharmaceutical products. Our stainless-steel tanks are designed, built and manufactured according to common industry standards, well-defined production procedures, guidelines and specific client requirements. We have a strong team of highly skilled and trained welding professionals who are MIG and TIG certified, and are provided full operational training to design, build and manufacture pressure vessels.

Limpet coil – what it is, how it works and its importance

Our expertise and immense knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry allowed us to create a Limpet Coil Reactor for one of our pharmaceutical clients. A limpet coil, which is a core part of the vessel is created by cutting a pipe in half, which is then rolled and welded around the outside of the pressure vessel.


Vessel with external limpet coil. Source: Thermopedia.com

This vessel is made with 316 stainless-steel and with a capacity of 1000 litres. It has a gate agitator which is powered by a top mounted motor, a gear box bottom and also a mounted sheer mixer. The core purpose of this, is to create a hemispherical flow channel which helps control the temperature of the element inside the vessel to induce a pressure reaction. The pipe has an inlet for steam or some other heating medium and a condensate outlet. During later stages, a cooling medium (usually water) is introduced into the coil which helps control the temperature and avoid any exothermic reactions from the substance.

High-Quality Assurance

With Spectac you can rest assured that the equipment we create for your pharma manufacturing facilities will be of absolute quality. As a longstanding supplier of equipment for this industry, we have an absolute commitment to achieving the highest standards of quality manufacturing. This affects every aspect of our operations. The comprehensive list of standards and certifications we have achieved, in addition to our own well-defined production procedures as per the Good Engineering Practice (GEP) demonstrate this ethos.

Our company is registered and certified as ISO Occupational Health and Safety 18001:2007, ISO Quality Management Standard 9001:2008, ISO Environmental Management Standard 14001:2004 and we also operate to BSI and TUV quality and safety standards. The business is also Royal & Sun Alliance certified.

All our products are designed, built and installed in accordance with all common standards, guidelines and directives, often exceeding the official requirements. We have an on-going programme of training and up-skilling of our staff and our technical team are certified for all the operational processes we work with. Spectac International welders are MIG and TIG certified and our coded welders are trained in-house to work on pressure vessels.

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