Spectac Manufactures Highly Efficient Mixing Tank For Well-known Pharmaceutical Client In Dublin

Spectac Manufactures Highly Efficient Mixing Tank For Well-known Pharmaceutical Client In Dublin

Pharmaceutical companies often require sophisticated mixing tanks/equipment to process, store and manufacture chemicals. These mixing tanks need to be designed to handle anything from minute chemical ingredients to highly potent chemicals/substances.

For the past three decades, Spectac has been one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high-specification stainless-steel vessels, including mixing tanks for the pharmaceutical industry. We have a proven track record in manufacturing & delivering high-quality stainless-steel solutions that adhere to industry standards, well-defined production procedures, quality guidelines and specific client requirements. The results: smooth production of high-end pharmaceutical products.

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Spectac International – A Reliable Manufacturer of Stainless-Steel Tanks & Mixing Solutions For The Pharmaceutical Industry

Our expertise and immense knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry allowed us to manufacture a high-specification mixing tank for one of our well-known pharmaceutical clients.

The mixing tank is made with 316 stainless steel with a capacity of 5000 litres, electropolished on-site to 0.3Ra, specifically designed to hold a highly potent chemical compound. Highly potent agents in pharmaceuticals are usually powerfully active, toxic ingredients that require careful handling through specialised containment & mixing equipment to avoid exposure & enable safe processing of the highly potent compounds.

Our highly trained team of MIG and TIG certified engineers & welders, combined with our 30+ years of experience and purpose-built manufacturing facility makes Spectac the manufacturing partner of choice to deliver highly specific mixing solutions to pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

High-Quality Assurance

As a longstanding equipment supplier for this industry, you can rest assured that the equipment we create for your pharma manufacturing facilities will be of the highest quality. Our company is registered and certified as ISO Occupational Health and Safety 18001:2007, ISO Quality Management Standard 9001:2008, ISO Environmental Management Standard 14001:2004 and we also operate to BSI and TUV quality and safety standards.

This mixing tank is also fabricated in line with our ISO 9001 standards. The tank also went through multiple pharmaceutical testing procedures to ensure hygienic standards were met according to the customers’ specifications.

FAT Testing

Standard Factory Acceptance Test was conducted during & after the manufacturing process to ensure the tank is built according to design specifications and whether all controls & components are working properly before being shipped to the client.

Riboflavin Testing

Comprehensive Riboflavin testing was conducted in-house during tank manufacture to meet hygiene requirements. This test shows the right equipment cleanability in advance, which is often a critical issue, especially for the food, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical sectors. It is crucial to ensure that the effects of shadowing are eliminated to avoid contamination.

This test involves using Riboflavin, a fluorescent indicator that is sprayed on all internal surfaces of the mixing tank, reaching the most hidden areas. Once the tank is completely dry, the interior of the tank is inspected thoroughly using an ultraviolet (UV) light to observe any residues of riboflavin before conducting a rinse. All data during the cleaning process is recorded to release a CIP validation report. (Source: ISPE, Pharmaceutical Engineering Magazine)

Hydrostatic testing

Finally, Hydrostatic testing was also conducted which is a type of pressure testing of stainless steel pressure vessels & tanks used to verify its strength, durability and performance and to ensure the tank is leakage proof.

Overall, high quality finished product was assured by Spectac International to meet the customers’ requirements and industry regulations.

If you have a question regarding our Mixing Tanks & Vessels contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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