Spectac Manufacturing Facility Geared Towards Biotech And Pharmaceutical Markets

Spectac International manufacture a range of pharmaceutical and biotech vessels. With over two decades of experience providing stainless steel vessels to the pharmaceutical market, our highly skilled team plan, tailor, project manage and deliver your vessel custom designed to you based on your needs and requirements.

Spectac International have a commitment to achieving the highest standards of quality manufacturing. We manufacture all our products in accordance with common standards, guidelines and directives, usually exceeding the official requirements. We offer CE marking on all our manufactured products.

Our manufacturing facility is geared towards biotech and pharmaceutical markets with our facility and equipment both capable of providing vessels for these markets.

The manufacturing equipment we have invested in which benefits our pharmaceutical and biotech clients include:

 SAF Colum & Boom welding machine

Spectac International has experienced productivity gains with the investment in a SAF Colum & Boom welding machine. By using innovative technology equipment such as the SAF Colum and Boom welding machine, Spectac International and its pharma and biotech clients both gain from advantages such as;

  • Speed of operation – the welding process is automated and undertaken with one welder working on the component, in conjunction with the equipment, productivity is significantly improved, which also increases the production capacity at the facility.
  • Aesthetically attractive welding – the machine has high precision and welds both internally and externally, the end look is much smoother and looks more attractive.
  • Repeatability – as the process is automated, high quality repeatability is easy to achieve.
  • Reduction of welding time – because the process is automated, the time to weld is reduced, no edge preparation is necessary, handling of parts is much quicker and easier and the final welds need little or no finishing work. All these elements contribute to the significant time-saving benefits of this equipment.

Sheet Metal Roller

Sheet metal rollers are used to create cylindrical tank shells using stainless steel sheets. Spectac International’s roller can roll stainless steel from 12mm thick through to 3m wide. At Spectac International this is one of the main processes we work with to manufacture vessels to the highest standards.

CNC Profile Cutting

Spectac International operate an Espirit Lightning HD2000 x 4 m CNC Profile Cutting Machine with a Hypertherm HPR260XD Auto Gas Plasma Arc Cutting System. These machines are used for high precision plasma cutting. Benefits for our pharma and biotech clients of using this machine include:

  • Best precision plasma cutting with highest cut quality.
  • Produces significantly better hole quality.
  • Increases productivity capability by 100%, by reducing cut-to-cut cycle time.

Spectac Internationals manufacturing facility is located in the Finnabair Business park, Dundalk which is a 44,000 square foot facility based just off the M1 Dublin/Belfast motorway. We bought this premises in 2015 to have more scope for large scale projects with a high bay building for the construction of larger vessels for the pharmaceutical and biotech markets and ample space for stock and holding facilities.

The Dundalk area is fast becoming a hub for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Spectac International have welcomed the news that the pharmaceutical group Almac is set to invest €34 million into its Dundalk campus, due for completion by January 2019. (Read more) Wuxi Biologics is another firm set to invest €325 million to build the largest biomanufacturing facility using single-use bioreactors in Ireland. The facility is planned to be built in Dundalk. (Read more)

Spectac International has the experience and capability in our Dundalk facility to manufacture vessels for the pharmaceutical and biotech markets. Our design team work with our customers to customise designs based on our customers’ needs and requirements, while following regulatory guidelines and standards.

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