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Spectac International is a leading stainless steel engineering company that has 30 year’s industry experience. We have completed numerous successful projects for clients such as Alltech, Diageo, Tullamore Dew, Cadbury, Glanbia, Virgin and many more throughout Europe.

When companies choose to work with us they get a number of added benefits that set us apart from other stainless steel engineering companies.

Quality Products

When companies are investing in new stainless steel equipment, whether it’s brewing and distilling, pharma, chemical, biotech or food and dairy equipment there is a significant cost involved. Companies need a guarantee they are going to get results and receive quality products.

Spectac International provides complete solutions for our clients and only fabricate products to the highest standards using high grade materials. Quality is something that distinguishes us from competitors and we have a 100% commitment to producing only the best and maintaining our reputation.

We recently completed a large project for Teelings Distillery where we designed, fabricated and installed a complete turnkey distillery. Our client needed the work completed within four months and it was an extremely complex job. Spectac Internationals team were required to produce fermentation vessels, ale tanks, liquor tanks, complete the electrical fit out and pipe installation and integrate PLC Controls.

Expertise and Experience

Our expertise, vast knowledge and experience is something we bring to all our projects and is a massive benefit to our clients. We are able to minimise the risks for clients as they know they are going to have the work done in time and within budget.

When completing the turnkey distillery for Teelings all our resources and expertise was harnessed  to successfully deliver the project in an extremely tight timeframe. Our team worked simultaneously on different aspects of the project. For example the design and drawings were being finalised while our engineers were fabricating the tanks and fermentation vessels and the software technical team were communicating with engineers on the ground to make sure everything was in place. At one stage, we assigned over 20 welders to the job so it was finished in time.

Save Time and Money

Working with us is guaranteed to save you time and money. Unlike other stainless steel engineering companies, we provide complete solutions which greatly reduces the time spent trying to communicate with lots of different suppliers. Also, the job is much easier to manage and causes less of a headache! Without having to contact lots of companies getting updates on various aspects of the project you can simply have one point of contact – one that is accessible and knowledgeable.

Spectac International is able to manage all areas of the project right from the design phase through to installation and after sales service to keep things moving smoothly. It only takes a small hold up from one supplier to knock things back and this can be frustrating and costly.

Our approach provides an economically effective way of getting your project complete. When working with Teelings for example, we kept a real focus on cost for our client and they were very happy with the results.

Spectac International invests in the latest technology so our clients get the best products. Having the latest production equipment lets us reduce turnaround times. We have also upgraded our production facility which gives greater scope to complete larger scale projects.

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To find out how Spectac International can help you project get in touch with a member of our team. We can discuss your requirements and work with you to find the best solution.

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