Tube 2016 Dusseldorf highlights innovations in stainless steel engineering.

Spectac International recently took the opportunity to visit Tube 2016, where over 2,600 businesses met to learn about the latest developments in the wire, cable and tube processing markets. Industry experts were able to see the latest innovations in machinery and equipment and the event acted as a platform to highlight and discuss key industry issues.

With 16 exhibition halls, Faye and Tony Healy, Directors of Spectac International had to plan their visit carefully to get the best possible value from their trip. Hall 5 was a key draw as the latest Tube Bending and Forming Technology was featured there and these capabilities are part of the processes required of Spectac International in order to deliver complete solutions and expert stainless steel engineering for a variety of sectors, including distilleries, breweries and dairies.  The management team also reviewed the latest technologies and equipment at The Plant and Machinery expo area and they made time to network to make useful trade contacts. Faye explains “It’s good to get outside of your own fabrication environment and to open your mind to new ways of doing things. In the event we made some great connections and met with some mills which means we can buy materials directly. That gives us the scope to price projects very competitively for our customers. Buying directly from the mill also secures supply and it means we can be flexible in delivering on larger contracts”.

Hot Industry Topics

International economic uncertainty, a crisis in the availability of steel supply and limited availability of many metals, climate impact and environmental legislation were all keenly discussed and seen as being huge influencers in how the industry develops in the near and long-term future. And there was certainly plenty of people to debate these topics, with almost 70,000 attendees, representing about 130 countries.

Tube 2016

The Tube and Pipe Trade Fair addressed all aspects of tube production and related commercial activity. Those involved in relevant raw materials, production processes, customer needs, tooling, software and hardware, piping, tubing and accessories were all represented at the show.  Exhibitors were mainly from Europe however they also came from as far afield as China, the U.S. and South Korea.

Spectac International was delighted to discover that many of the approaches it uses, in particular in relation to designing, fabricating, installing and commissioning complete automated manufacturing systems, represented the cutting edge of the industry and many of the trade contacts that the Spectac team met at the show, were fascinated by the level of service and expertise available within the internal resources at the company. Faye says “We were re-assured to learn that what we are doing really does represent best practice in the industry – which doesn’t mean to say that we can’t improve; we see trade shows like these as the ideal opportunity to keep driving continuous improvement in the business”.
German Industry Influence on Stainless Steel Engineering

This latest visit to Germany by Spectac International comes soon after the trip to

BrauBeviale in Nurembourg, where the company took advantage of the opportunity to network with innovators in the brewing and distilling industries and this show also proved to be an excellent platform to identify useful trade partners from across Europe.

The business has a pro-active approach to engaging with industry developments with a view to offering customers the very best in stainless steel engineering. So why not get in touch with our experts at Spectac. We can help discuss your business requirements, bring clarity to technical challenges and we offer clients excellent value, as well as in-depth expertise.

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