Pharma projects drive growth for Spectac

Stainless Steel Engineering, CIP Systems, Pipework, Vessels and more

It was fortuitous that Spectac International moved into a new 44,000 sq. ft. premises last year as the company has seen significant growth in its business with the Pharma sector in recent months.  New clients include global multi-nationals like Norbrook, Best Water Technology (BWT), Abbotts and many more.

Director Faye Healy says “We have been supplying the pharmaceutical sector with stainless steel fabrication services and products for over 30 years. Besides our high-profile new customers, we’ve been working for companies like Bristol Myers Squibb, Almac, Clarochem and others for decades. We supply manufacturers with complete manufacturing solutions and stainless steel engineering as well as individual products. In the case of chemical and pharma companies, recent work has included CIP systems, stainless steel vessels and process pipework.”

Proven, Quality Stainless Steel Engineering Services

For those supplying into the pharma, biotech and chemical markets, only the highest standards of quality manufactured products pass the stringent requirements of the buyers. To meet the protocols demanded of suppliers, investment in training, machinery and equipment, software and management expertise is essential. It’s usually essential to meet certain industry standards also.

Faye outlines the thorough approach Spectac International has taken over the years to gear the company towards becoming an industry leader in supplying into these markets. “We were lucky in a sense that we have supplied these types of businesses for many years so as the requirements became more stringent, it was never a sea-change for us to meet them. We’re also accredited with standards that are recognised globally and that’s essential when many of our customers are multi-nationals.  It’s many years since we attained the relevant ISO standards, for example. And we work to BSI and TUV quality and safety standards too. And of course we’ve embraced LEAN manufacturing. As a result of all of this background work, we’re an approved supplier for many leading pharma manufacturers and that speaks for itself.”

In fact the business has an impressive array of ISO qualifications and these include

ISO Occupational Health and Safety 18001:2007
ISO Quality Management Standard 9001:2008
ISO Environmental Management Standard 14001:2004

LEAN Manufacturing Delivers Quality

Spectac International has been committed to LEAN manufacturing for over 15 years and external consultants are used to ensure continuous progress and innovation in terms of LEAN processes.

The LEAN floor plan has been devised specifically for the company, to optimise the intricate workflow on the production floor. It ensures that efficiencies are brought to labour use and production costs. It’s a comprehensive system that covers every aspect of production, including waste management, time management, production management, staff management and more. Simple efficiencies such as ensuring tools are located conveniently for relevant work can improve productivity dramatically and add up to radical savings over time – that cost-saving can then be passed on in the pricing given to clients.

Stainless Steel Fabrication Requirements?

Our sales process normally involves meeting the customer at our offices and discussing the technical specifications in detail with one or more Project Manager and/or engineer. At this point we advise prospective clients on the most economical way to produce the required product and we can discuss  options that will cut expense, increase productivity and/or influence specifications e.g.  how to achieve the best finish for the vessels. We then do a tour of the facility and show samples of the type of turnkey solutions/vessels/pipework that we have done in the past for Pharma clients, both in Ireland and Europe.

As you can see, this process gives clients a clear understanding of our capabilities and it adds value to their proposition.

If you’re managing a pharma or chemical manufacturing facility and are interested in a turnkey manufacturing solution or you are simply looking to procure CIP systems, process pipework or other products, please do contact us to talk through the requirements – our industry expertise in your market helps us to give clients optimal solutions that are of the highest quality, at competitive prices.

We look forward to your call.

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