Clients Benefit from LEAN Manufacturing of Stainless Steel Tanks and Complete Manufacturing Systems

Spectac International is leading the way in terms of manufacturing expertise for a variety of markets and at the core of our success lies an absolute commitment to the highest quality manufacturing processes and our industry expertise.

When we moved to our new premises recently, our capacity for production more than doubled and we took the opportunity to carefully plan the facility to optimise the fabrication processes. As a result we have won many new contracts for complete manufacturing solutions and we have supplied turnkey, automated manufacturing systems for a range of clients. Our customers operate across a variety of industries such as dairy, food, brewing, distilling, pharmaceutical and chemical markets. While we started manufacturing stainless steel tanks over 30 years ago, the company is now established as one of the leading suppliers of complete solutions for manufacturing facilities across Ireland and the UK.

The main image above shows just one of the many processes involved in the manufacture of stainless steel tanks – it demonstrates how we initially create the shell of the tank on our sheet metal roller. We use a LEAN manufacturing production line to move the tanks through each stage of fabrication in an effective and efficient manner.

Once the shell of the tank is complete and it has passed our quality checks, we weld the tops (conicals) and the bottoms (dished ends) of the tanks into place. All tanks go through a final quality checklist before they are released to be transported to the customer.

However the manufacture of tanks is only one part of the picture in terms of the delivery of complete systems, which include all the other aspects of a manufacturing system, such as design, piping, installation and commissioning. And the integration of PLC controls for automated manufacturing has become a standard requirement for many of our customers in recent years.

Manufacturing Expertise

Our inhouse team of experienced industry specialists includes the full gamut of skills needed to manufacture complete solutions and the staff include mechanical and process engineers, qualified fabricators, electrical and mechanical technicians, software engineers and project managers.

We have all the capabilities necessary to produce complete manufacturing systems and this has involved not just an investment in upskilling the team but also in machinery and equipment. Our extensive CNC capabilities include sheet metal bending, plasma cutting and tube bending. We also work with conical profile rollers, orbital forming and profile ring rolling equipment and sheet metal rollers. This equipment has been upgraded on a regular basis since the company was founded over 30 years ago.

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For many of our clients across all market sectors, complete automated solutions are now the standard requirement. The fact that we adhere to LEAN manufacturing processes offers customers the confidence they deserve to have when making a significant financial investment in a production facility. Whether you ae looking for stainless steel fabrication services or complete automated systems, Spectac International can offer true expertise and competitive costs. Why not Contact us to discuss your requirements now?

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