New Machine Improves Productivity for Stainless Steel Vessel Welding

Spectac International has made a significant investment in machinery recently, as the company has bought an Oerlikon plasma welding machine, which delivers extremely high quality welding in much speedier timeframes than traditional methods can achieve. This column and boom plasma welder is especially designed for plasma welding in a vertical position, making it ideal for stainless steel vessel welding and the welding of stainless steel tanks.

Traditionally where a vertical vessel was to be welded, two welders would work together – one internally and one externally – to complete the welding process. This process is time-consuming and resource-heavy. The new machine welds the vessel both internally and externally in one process. It produces a cleaner looking weld, the process is faster and the quality is consistent and extremely high. It also can lift one part and weld it onto the piece beneath it, with the welding machine staying static as the part turns on a motorised turntable – again automating a process that was highly manual.

The increase in productivity will benefit customers as Spectac International is now in a position to offer even more competitive pricing. It also means that the business has increased its capacity for production significantly.

The advantages of Plasma Processing include;

  • No edge preparation is necessary, saving time
  • Welds are of exceptional quality – X-Ray standard
  • Welding speeds are much quicker than conventional welding processes
  • The level of distortions is much lower than other methods of welding
  • Completed welds need little or no extra finishing work
  • Handling of parts is simplified
  • One installation for all plasma operations

This machinery is designed specifically to handle the stainless steel tank fabrication needs of many of the sectors that Spectac International specialises in, including breweries, distilleries, dairies, food processors and the pharma sector. All of these markets are constantly on the look-out to drive productivity gains, deliver cost savings and find innovative ways to meet market demands. We believe that our ongoing commitment to invest in innovative technologies will help us grow with the demands of our customers.

Director Faye Healy says “We’re delighted with this investment. The whole operation is faster and cleaner. Also the consistency across the welding it produces is superb. And the increase is capacity is going to help us drive business growth even further, as we continue to deliver complete automated manufacturing systems into a variety of market sectors.”

Stainless Steel Vessel Requirements?

Please do get in touch with Spectac International – we have the expertise, the capacity and the experience to deliver on your requirements – in a highly cost-competitive manner.


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