Storing Materials in Optimal Conditions is Critical for Ongoing Productivity

Storage tanks can be used in a range of industries to store either a raw material which will be needed during the production process or to store a final product until the product is ready to be packaged and delivered. Spectac International have unmatched experience in the design and manufacture of storage tanks, working closely with clients in many different industries to help manufacture storage tanks that meet the needs and requirements of their production processes. All of our storage tanks are made of high quality stainless steel and can be made in a variety of sizes, shapes and volumes, depending on the specifications of clients.

Storage tanks are versatile and can be manufactured to suit particular industries with specific needs, depending on the product being produced or stored.

Generally, within the beverages industry, storage tanks are used to hold final products, of soft drinks and fruit drinks for example. The storage tank can provide clients with the best sanitation for their product, mixing and temperature control to ensure final products are maintained until they are ready to be packaged to go to market.

For the brewing industry, storage tanks are required for several different materials. Firstly, they are needed to store dry ingredients, such as yeast, hops, barley as well as to hold purified water. Storage tanks can store additives, which are used to adjust the pH levels of water to maintain consistent quality as well as acidic liquids or cleaning agents used to clean the brewing equipment. One of the essential features of the storage tank is to ensure that it is manufactured to create an environment which can prevent the growth of bacteria. Our technical engineers are experienced in tank design to store a variety of materials across a range of industries and therefore understand the importance of consistency and sterility to ensure stored materials are not compromised in any way.




In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, storage tanks are used to hold highly acidic liquids and to remove impurities from water. Deionised water is required in the processing of pharmaceutical products, if impurities aren’t removed from water and this water is used in the production process, it can disrupt the production process down the line, causing production stoppages and costing the production plant time and money. Conditions need to be correct in storage tanks to hold acidic liquids, if conditions aren’t right for holding this material, it could have severe consequences for the plant – leading to health and safety issues.


In the dairy and food industry, bulk storage tanks are used. Generally, in an outdoor environment, storage vessels hold large volumes of milk or silos for grain. Spectac International is a specialist manufacture of this type of vessel and have designed, manufactured and installed them for a large variety of customers. These vessels are typically fitted with cooling jackets, to control the temperature of the tank and agitators to maintain the quality of the product. Outdoor vessels are often insulated and cladded for temperature control and weather protection. A plinth is also designed for each vessel to securely bolt it to the ground.

Storage tanks must be designed to create the proper environment for the material it is going to hold. Different conditions are required for different materials and if conditions aren’t met, it could mean raw materials being compromised and manufacturing plants losing time and money, from productions stoppages. Spectac International have the industry knowledge and expertise to help clients properly plan their storage requirements and design optimal tank environments to ensure production output is never compromised.

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