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Happy New Year to You & Yours!

2020 was a challenging year for us all and like many other businesses we continued to support our clients to the best of our abilities. This could not have been achieved without the passion and dedication of everyone on the Spectac team.

Looking back, we had a busy December finalising some projects before 2020 came to a close. This new year is off to an eventful start as well, with several projects under development and others soon ready for the final installation and fit out stage.

Below we will look at two of our most recent projects, one in relation to the food industry in particular chocolate manufacturing and the other a whiskey holding facility.

Project 1 – Skid Unit for Chocolate Manufacturer

As part of an overall chocolate project for a food manufacturing factory, Spectac International were commissioned to produce a skid unit designed to be used to dose, flavour and add nuts into chocolate. This was a time sensitive project with a tight timeline to meet.

A full turnkey solution for a very specialised project, Spectac not only worked on the design and manufacture of the skid unit but were also required to install it and complete a fit out, including process pipework, which will all be carried out on site later this month.

The client required specific standards for the unit, key specifications included:

  • Dimensions: 2m long x 900mm wide x 12mm tall
  • Weight: 120kg weight approximately

Spectac International have over 30 years’ experience in designing and building skid units. Skid units are very versatile, and can combine a mix of vessels, pumps and heat exchangers to suit different project specifications and that can be installed on a platform for ease of access.

When used for the manufacture of chocolate, the units are typically heated vessels with agitators. The units are more commonly built to be mobile, to enable the quick and efficient transport of goods around a factory.

Key benefits of Skid Units include:

  • Strength and robustness
  • Flexibility and portability
  • High quality manufacturing and instrumentation
  • All interlinking pipework for Clean-in-Place (CIP)
  • Automated control / temperature control / start – stop functionality
  • Can be shipped anywhere in the world as it fits easily into a container

For more information on our Skid Units please look at our food products range here.

Project 2 – Vertical Storage Tanks for a Whiskey Storage Facility

The last tanks of 2020 made their way to the south of Ireland just before Christmas. Spectac International were required to manufacture two vertical storage tanks to be used for spirits in a leading Irish distillery. These spirit tanks were required to safely hold the finished product – distilled spirits, until ready for the final packaging and shipping phase.

For this particular project Spectac International manufactured the unit in-house before installing it on site.

Spirit tanks, often referred to as holding or storage tanks, are a safe way to hold raw materials or finished produce. For the holding of raw materials, it greatly reduces costs by enabling the distillery to buy in bulk. Storage tanks are key for any distillery looking to increase the quantity of product produced. These tanks are a safe way to hold spirits as the units are sterile and temperature controlled, eliminating any risk of contamination.

We work on a wide range of distillery projects in Ireland and across Europe. You can learn more about our work within the distilling industry here.

Although we are now back in Level 5 COVID restrictions, we remain open and have our workshop and site team fully geared for the difficult restrictions that are in place as we battle through another tough time. Please do contact us with any project requirements, we would be happy to help.

If you have a question regarding our stainless-steel vessels contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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