Tanks and Vessels – the unsung heroes of the brewing ecosystem

Recent trends within the brewing industry are showing an increase in the number of breweries opening in the UK, with no signs of slowing down, particularly evident with craft brewing boom of late.

The Brewers Journal spoke to some of the key suppliers and manufacturers in the brewing industry to discuss some of the major trends and developments taking place in this field.

As highlighted in an article published in the Brewers Journal 2016, this boom in brewing is down to the fact that breweries opening nowadays are looking for tanks and vessels that not only offer longevity and top quality but also offer the benefits of flexibility and expandability.

Tanks and vessel suppliers and manufacturers are facilitating this growth trend by providing solutions for smaller brewing ecosystems that can increase their brewing capacity, increase production turnaround times and expand when necessary.

Tony Healy, Managing Director at Spectac gave his views on this growing trend revealing that “customers are prioritising investment in fermenting vessels owing to the inevitable demand for efficient turnaround times on the beers they produce”. He adds that the company is also seeing “growth in the installations of lauter tuns and full brewhouses it carries out”. He explains that a lot of start-ups are already “boosting their capacity and eliminating bottlenecks”.

Healy adds “Everybody has restrictions with their buildings or in buildings that are too small, with height and width. That’s where we come in, we build with respect to their building rather than a one size fits all approach”.

Tony also pointed out that access to capital for small brewers can be a challenge, stating “there are a lot of start-ups and access to funds can be difficult, which means expansion to the next phase of their business problematic. But we can offer vessels on lease as our track record stands up on its own”.

To read the full article on The Brewers Journal click here.

Spectac International is a leading manufacturer of complete solutions for the brewing Industry in Ireland

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