“The Tough Choices in Building a Brewhouse” – Spectac feature in the Brewers Journal

Investing in a brewhouse is a huge decision for any brewery and there are a number of key points which must be considered before making this investment. Faye Healy, Director of Spectac International recently meet with The Brewers Journal to discuss the changes in the brewing industry today.

The brewing industry has gone from strength to strength over the past number of years. Spectac has continued to see a rise in the brewing industry with “growth and investment made within established companies and with new ones as well”.

The majority of Spectac’s clients have a good understanding of the industry and know exactly what their requirements are. However, they turn to Spectac for advice on the “level of automation, the number of brews they want to get out of their plant per day/week/annum and we then calculate the best system for them”, explains Faye. Ms Healy goes on to mention that Spectac provide the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies to their clients at an affordable cost.

Spectac International’s most popular product is their turnkey solution based products such as breweries, distilleries and vessels for the brewing, distilling, drinks, pharma and dairy industries. “Our average sized brewery is probably around the 40-50HL mark. We work with smaller operations also especially with the rise in the craft brewing market, and larger operations, for example we have worked closely with the likes of Diageo in the recent past”, Faye explains.

The brewing industry has seen many changes in recent years and mostly in the styles and ingredients of the beers. Breweries are now experimenting with more obscure flavours, with beer lovers around the country gaining more and more interest in these craft beers. Faye mentions in the Brewers Journal that she is seeing “styles that you never thought would merge together so well, such as coffees being introduced to stouts and passionfruit flavours being introduced to your typical IPA”.

There has been an explosive change in the brewing industry, serving beer customers with more and more choice to their Friday night.

To read the full article on The Brewers Journal, click here.

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