The Uses of Holding Tanks in Different Industries

Spectac International manufacture bespoke holding tanks for the brewing, distilling, dairy, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. Holding tanks also known as storage tanks can be used to hold raw materials, allowing companies to reduce costs by buying in bulk and these tanks can be used to hold finished products until they are ready to be packaged and shipped.


Holding tanks used in the brewing and distilling industries

In the brewing and distilling industries, holding tanks are used to hold a multitude of materials, from yeast to alcoholic beverages such as whiskey spirit or beer.

Holding vessels are used in the distilling industry to give whiskey time to create a better tasting whiskey. It only takes a few days to distil whiskey, however, like the saying goes, “whiskey improves with age”. It takes some time for the whiskeys taste to mature. Whiskeys which have aged for many years are sold by companies at a higher premium than whiskeys which are only stored for a short period of time.

Holding tanks in the food industry

In the food industry, holding tanks are used to bulk store raw materials. These tanks are often in an outdoor setting and they typically store large volumes of milk or grain. Bulk storage vessels are usually fitted with cooling jackets and sometimes are fitted with agitators to maintain the quality of the product being stored.

When a holding tank is going to be installed in an outdoor setting, the vessels are generally insulated and cladded for temperature control and weather protection. A plinth is designed for each vessel and this is securely bolted to the ground for stability.

The FDA have set out requirements which equipment that is used in food storage and food processing must meet. Spectac International have the knowledge and experience required to manufacture a food holding tank that will be compliant with the requirements set out by the FDA.

Holding tanks in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, holding tanks are used to hold various liquids with different properties. These products must be stored and be ready for processing later. The products held in these holding tanks are used as chemical agents to help in the decomposition of compounds. They are held within a broad variety of concentrations, some of which are acids.

Spectac International ensure that all holding tanks meet legal and health requirements.

Some tanks in the pharmaceutical industry are used to hold highly purified water. Spectac International have different manufacturing processes and bespoke products for different aspects of each stage in different processes such as CIP (Clean-in-place) vessels and RO (Reverse Osmosis) water treatment vessels. Storage tanks are used to remove impurities from water. Deionised water is required in the processing of pharmaceutical products, if impurities aren’t removed from water and this water is used in the production process, it can disrupt the production process down the line, causing production stoppages and costing the production plant time and money.


Vessels are modified based on customer requirements and technological procedures. Spectac International follow relevant standards and legal requirements for each part. Each tank is manufactured to the highest quality and we ensure that each tank is hygienic, airtight and easy to clean.

All Spectac International’s holding tanks are manufactured using stainless steel. Stainless steel is a great storage option and can be used for harsh substances and chemicals. We have options for all product solutions. Stainless Steel is an ideal option and Spectac International have the expertise for all our tank products to be temperature controlled/ PLC automated/ TUV certified for pressure and more.

All Spectac International’s stainless-steel tanks are polished internally to create a bacteria resistant inner surface. One of the essential features of the storage tank is to ensure that it is manufactured to create an environment which can prevent the growth of bacteria. Our technical engineers are experienced in tank design to store a variety of materials across a range of industries and therefore understand the importance of consistency and sterility to ensure stored materials are not compromised in any way.

Holding tanks must be designed to create the proper environment for the material it is going to hold. Spectac International work with clients to help them plan their storage requirements and design vessels to meet client’s requirements.

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