Complete dairy systems need extensive expertise to deliver successfully and Spectac International has in-depth experience in this market. Whether your requirement is a new dairy on a green-field site or the installation of a new system alongside existing manufacturing facilities, Spectac International can ensure that the quality of the manufactured product is second to none with a consistency that can only be achieved through excellence in the engineering behind the dairy system.

When you work with Spectac International as the supplier of the entire dairy system, you’ll enjoy many benefits, including;

Lower Investment Costs

As a sole supplier, we can offer dairy customers the cost savings that come from economies of scale; also as we do not have to liaise extensively with third parties ourselves and as the entire facility and requirement can be planned and costed accurately in advance, we can find ways to save customers money that it simply not feasible with multiple suppliers.

Risk Reduction

Our clients have less hassle as they only have to deal with one supplier so communications are crystal clear and as a result projects run very smoothly from a customer perspective. We have total visibility on all the inter-dependencies of the project and we can plan our work efficiently around each stage of the dairy fabrication and installation. This enables us to be confident that critical deadlines are met and we do contingency planning to ensure there is flexibility in the process. Our proven, robust processes minimise the risk for dairy customers and we have many clients who can testify to this.

Advantages of Automation

Increases in productivity and a reduction in costs are proven advantages of industrial automation and PLC controls facilitate our dairy customers to enjoy the full benefit of these advantages. The combination of top-quality fabricated dairy stainless steel products with proven PLC Controls – that we set-up in an optimal way for each dairy – gives customers a powerful production facility that helps them to compete highly effectively in the dairy sector.

Peace of Mind

When customers in the dairy sector work with Spectac International they can have confidence that the complete dairy systems we plan, fabricate, install and automate are second-to-none in the marketplace. Naturally every project has its own set of unique challenges but having been in the business since 1986, we can anticipate any issues and plan for a successful project. We work closely with each client to meet and exceed expectations.

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