Complete Brewing Solutions

We design complete and bespoke brew-houses for clients, based on specific requirements and projected outputs. The main aim in our solution based set-ups is to achieve a more economical, cost effective plant that will be low on labour, low on running costs, environmentally better regarding waste, cleaning and power, high on efficiencies and user friendly resulting in a high tech robust solution with integrated PLC controls and automation.

Our complete brewing systems offer clients a comprehensive service as well as all the benefits of industrial automation.

Complete brewing systems are manufactured to the highest of engineering standards. Our team of on-site engineers install our solution systems with all associated process pipework. The project management team effectively manages each plant during the install and oversees all processes in terms of electrical, software and mechanical leading into the final stage of handover where we go through commissioning and training.

Spectac International are the only manufacturer in Ireland to create turnkey brewing systems including the management and commissioning of our plants. We have extensive expertise and in-depth knowledge of how the brewing process works. We have evolved our offering to become a full-service supplier of complete brewing systems – making us the leading supplier in Ireland.

We have an absolute commitment to quality and we fully understand the financial pressures that drive deadlines for our customers – this customer-focus and our ability to meet deadlines and work within the agreed budget is one of the reasons why we are the first choice for many breweries looking for a complete brewery system.

A comprehensive brewhouse service means that clients do not need to coordinate with multiple suppliers and the delivery of components from a variety of sources, saving time, money and project management resources.

Spectac engineers design and produce a range of products for the brewing industry, such as brewery tanks, bright beer vessels, the lauter tun, brewing holding vessels and other brewery equipment.

Our Step-by-Step Approach 

  • 1. Planning and Design
  • 2. Manufacturing
  • 3. Mechanical and Electrical
  • 4. PLC Software
  • 5. Customer Care
  • 6. Maintenance

Planning and Design

The first stage in the project is to agree the drawings and this dictates the roll out of the project and the fabrication requirements. Once we establish the equipment needed, the fit outs for the mechanical and electrical needs can be documented. The configuration needed for the PLC controls is also considered to ensure efficient, automated manufacturing is achieved once the brewery is operational.


The components of a brewery are quite extensive as it is an intricate process. Spectac International fabricates and supplies the entire brewhouse. Components needed can include the following

  • Stainless steel vessels; e.g. fermentation, mash mixing, bright beer
  • Malt mills, Lauter Tun and Kettles
  • Whirlpool and pump systems
  • Heat exchange systems
  • Automated CIP units and Skid units
  • PLC controls industrial automation

Manufacturing Capabilities

With over 25 years experience, Spectac International have unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise that has delivered successful completed brewhouses for globally recognised companies such as DIAGEO, Irish Distillers as well as for small craft breweries. We implement a LEAN manufacturing process that utilises quality standards that we adhere to at every stage of manufacturing process.

The Core Capabilities needed to produce all the elements of a complete brewery system include a variety of equipment and technical skills such as CNC sheet metal bending, CNC plasma cutting and CNC tube bending. We also undertake conical profile rolling and orbital forming. Profile ring rolling and sheet metal rolling are also key competencies. These capabilities are all required in order to develop complete brewhouses and we continually invest in equipment and training to maintain these capabilities at the highest possible standards. Stringent pressure testing is carried out with our unique software capabilities and our process division calculates the process time and what is involved in the brew alongside the Brewer.

Mechanical and Electrical

The mechanical and electrical fit out is central to the installation of a brewery. It’s a requirement that Wiring is ATEX rated, given the hazardous nature of the brewing process. Health and Safety are critical concerns and we take no risks in this respect – we work to the highest health and safety standards.

PLC Software

PLC Controls facilitate automated manufacturing and this is an essential component of any modern industrial distillery. These are easily operated through a menu system which is defined for each customer. Also, reports and summary information can be agreed and pre-set in appropriate formats. Training and technical support is given in relation to the operation and maintenance of the PLC controls.

Our high tech robust solution with integrated PLC controls and automation enables you to run a more economical, cost effective plant that is:

Customer Service

After sales support no matter how well planned a complete brewhouse system is, when it’s commissioned initially at the brewery, it’s essential to have a team of technical experts on-hand to tweak certain elements to ensure optimal performance of the system. Spectac International works on-site during this post-commissioning stage as part of our core service – to ensure a successful output for the customer. We can also fine-tune how the PLC controls are functioning so that clients harness the full benefits of industrial automation.

Maintenance Contracts

Good maintenance reduces the risk of any downtime in the manufacturing process and it ensures the quality of the brewing process is sustained over time. We provide maintenance contracts and Service Level Agreements that give customers peace-of-mind that the equipment and brewing process is running as it should.

Client Projects

Our brewery customers include global brands such as Smithwicks, Diageo, Maccardles, Harp and many more. We have also worked with a number of emerging brands and Craft breweries.
We successfully completed the Rye River Brewing project within 6 months and it involved the project management, specification, fabrication, installation, integration of PLC controls and commissioning of a complete brewery system.
With Diageo, we fabricated and installed the entire underground drainage and hatch box installations for their brewery at St James Gate. For Wicklow Wolf, we fabricated and installed a number of fermentation vessels and bright beer tanks for their brewery in Wicklow.
These examples represent only a small sample of our in-depth experience and expertise with brewery systems and given the quality of our client base, clients have confidence when they work with Spectac International. Learn more by reading our case studies

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You may have a requirement for a complete brewery system or perhaps your existing brewhouse requires new components – as a leading manufacturing of comprehensive brewhouses as well as a fabricator of stainless steel components, we’d be delighted to talk through your needs and discuss the best options. Contact us  now to learn more.

We cut out the middle man to make it a smooth process for our valued clients and the number one choice for better value and the highest quality engineering.

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