Spectac International has been in business for over 30 years and it is now established as a premium supplier of complete manufacturing systems for the dairy industry. In fact, we are leading the way in terms of supplying turnkey solutions and we offer customers the opportunity to take full advantage of automated industrial manufacturing, under our expert guidance.

Dairies work with Spectac International for many reasons but not least because we have extensive expertise in this marketplace. Our team of experienced technicians and engineering professionals have fabricated stainless steel products for dairies since we were founded back in 1986. Over time we saw the demand for a more comprehensive service offering and ultimately we have evolved to deliver complete dairy systems; a unique service for customers in this market and one that offers many advantages.

We understand the commercial pressures that dairies operate under – in a marketplace that is highly competitive, heavily regulated and one that requires constant innovation. We know that extensive investment goes into each facility and the need to maintain productivity and minimise downtime is a key driver – we assist dairy customers to optimise their manufacturing facilities; in a cost-competitive way. A complete dairy system will save you time and money as the planning and production processes required to develop and install the dairy is done in a seamless, co-ordinated, transparent manner by Spectac International.

Our Step-by-Step Approach 

  • 1. Planning and Design
  • 2. Manufacturing
  • 3. Mechanical and Electrical
  • 4. PLC Software
  • 5. Customer Care
  • 6. Maintenance

Planning and Design

At the outset of a project, we work closely with dairy customers to plan the entire schedule of works, agreeing on key deadlines and contingencies. Naturally, drawings are critical at this stage and we use the latest in CAD software to develop and sign off drawings before we finalise the project plan. When the fabrication needs are identified, we are then also able to document the mechanical and electrical requirements. Typically a number of different aspects of the project happen simultaneously e.g. while the stainless steel components such as cheese vats etc are being fabricated, the facility is being prepared for the installation. The requirements in terms of PLC controls and industrial automation of the dairy are also planned at an early stage.
Components for the dairy include a wide variety of stainless steel vessels, piping etc. such as:


The Fabrication Capabilities required to produce the components typically needed for a complete dairy system include a broad range of both technical skills and fabrication machinery and equipment e.g. CNC manufacturing such as sheet metal bending, plasma cutting and tube bending. Other processes include conical profile rolling and orbital forming, profile ring rolling and sheet metal rolling. Spectac International is competent in all of these processes and our extensive expertise is applied as appropriate in the development of a complete dairy facility. At the heart of our approach is a commitment to quality and this is taken through to the end-product; an efficient, effective dairy processing facility.

Mechanical and Electrical

The mechanical and electrical fit out is obviously critical for a dairy and naturally wiring is required to be ATEX rated, as the processes can be technically hazardous. Health and Safety are key drivers and we have an excellent reputation for taking no risks with regard to our own staff or those of our customers – we operate to the highest standards in terms of health and safety.

PLC Software

Automated Manufacturing is facilitated through the integration of PLC controls. Our software division optimises the set-up for each facility and the controls are readily managed through an easy-to-use menu system which we configure for each dairy client. Performance reports are readily accessed and again these can be specified for each facility. We train clients to use the controls once they are operational and we offer post commissioning support to ensure a smooth transition to full productivity on an automated basis where required. We also offer maintenance contracts which cover the automated element of the process.

Customer Care

Post commissioning support our technical experts stay on-site once the dairy is commissioned to make any minor adjustments as necessary and to ensure that the dairy is operating in an optimal way. Spectac International offers hands-on support at this critical stage of the process to make sure that when we do leave the dairy, it is performing successfully for the client. Typically this includes customers benefitting from all the core advantages of industrial automation.


Ongoing and Ad Hoc Maintenance

We offer clients the opportunity to sign annual maintenance contracts and a strong maintenance programme minimises downtime, maintains a high quality end-product and lengthens the life of the equipment. Our Service Level Agreements give certainty to clients and we discuss these in detail at the outset. We also offer as-hoc support for long-standing clients and for customers where we have installed a complete manufacturing facility such as a complete dairy system.

Client Projects

Our dairy clients represent some of the very best brands in the business and include local and global businesses such as Kerry Foods, Lakeland Dairies, Dale Farm, Town of Monaghan, Glanbia and many more. Here’s what the Plant Manager at Lakeland Dairies has to say about us;

” Lakeland Dairies have used Spectac International for numerous projects throughout the years. In short, Spectac International has demonstrated expertise in manufacturing and attention to quality with regard to all projects for Lakeland. Spectac International has shown excellent customer care throughout the years. They have proved to us that no issue is too large or too small for Spectac International to deal with. I can honestly say that I would recommend Spectac International to anyone“.

The dairy brands and businesses mentioned above demonstrate our experience in this market and the high-quality client base we have developed in the dairy sector has evolved due to our expertise in complete dairies. This gives dairy customers total confidence that Spectac International is a premium supplier in this space. To read more about our expertise and other satisfied customers, see our case studies and testimonials.


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