Complete Distillery Solutions

Spectac International is the number one choice of Irish distillers looking for a productive and efficient complete distillery solution.
Spectac International has been in business for almost 30 years and is one of the fastest growing suppliers of complete, automated manufacturing systems in Western Europe.

Distillery customers choose Spectac International for many reasons.

  • Our in-depth expertise in working specifically with Distilleries is where we have gained our knowledge base.
  • Our ethos is to focus on our client’s needs and to understand the commercial pressures involved.
  • Spectac International is the only company in Ireland to provide the complete system solution for industrial Distilleries and Brewers.
  • Our dedicated engineering team and engineering experience along with our technical fabrication skills have allowed us to build a strong foundation to specialise in these areas of expertise.
  • Commitment to delivering projects on time and on budget, with the integration of cutting edge technologies – both hardware and software – has made us the number 1 choice for Distillery system solutions.

Our Step-by-Step Approach 

  • 1. Planning and Design
  • 2. Manufacturing
  • 3. Mechanical and Electrical
  • 4. PLC Software
  • 5. Customer Care
  • 6. Maintenance

Planning and Design

When planning a complete distillery project, the initial process is the design of the manufacturing facilities and the finalised drawings will dictate the requirements in terms of the equipment needed, the mechanical and electrical fit out, the set-up required for the PLC controls to automate manufacturing, the time frame and the budget.

Many components are needed for a distillery and fabrication needs can be extensive as there are a number of stages in the distilling process. Spectac supplies all the necessary components and services needed and these may include

  • A variety of vessels; hot liquor, washback, hot spent wash, Lees
  • A number of receivers e.g. spirit receiver, intermediate receiver
  • Cast filling tanks and malt silos
  • Automated CIP units for effective cleaning
  • PLC controls for efficient, automated manufacturing


The Capabilities required to manufacture these components is extensive and includes CNC sheet metal bending, plasma cutting and tube bending as well as conical profile rolling, orbital forming, profile ring rolling and sheet metal rolling. All of these capabilities are harnessed effectively in the fabrication process to deliver the complete manufacturing systems we develop.

Mechanical and Electrical

The mechanical and electrical work is fundamental to the workings of a distillery and steam generation is secured either from natural gas or oil. All the wiring work needs to be ATEX rated as a distillery is effectively a hazardous environment so we take Health and Safety considerations very seriously. We operate to the very highest health and safety standards

PLC Software

PLC Controls facilitate automated manufacturing and this is an essential component of any modern industrial distillery. These are easily operated through a menu system which is defined for each customer. Also, reports and summary information can be agreed and pre-set in appropriate formats. Training and technical support is given in relation to the operation and maintenance of the PLC controls.

Customer Service

All our systems are manufactured to the highest of engineering standards. Our team of on-site engineers install our solution systems with all associated process pipework. Our project management team effectively manages each plant during the install and we oversee all other sides of the process in terms of electrical, software and mechanical leading onto the final stage of handover where we go through commissioning and training.

We cut out the middle man to make it a smooth process for our valued clients and the number one choice for better value and the highest quality engineering.

Maintenance Contracts

We provide reliable and expert maintenance contracts to all our clients. Our maintenance service can improve productivity in the long-run and it delivers more longevity from equipment. It also minimises the risk of a breakdown in the manufacturing cycle, which can be very costly.

After sales support no matter how well planned a complete brewhouse system is, when it’s commissioned initially at the brewery, it’s essential to have a team of technical experts on-hand to tweak certain elements to ensure optimal performance of the system. Spectac International works on-site during this post-commissioning stage as part of our core service – to ensure a successful output for the customer. We can also fine-tune how the PLC controls are functioning so that clients harness the full benefits of industrial automation.

Make an Enquiry

You may have a requirement for a complete distillery system or perhaps you require new components – as a leading manufacturing of comprehensive distilleries as well as a fabricator of stainless steel components, we’d be delighted to talk through your needs and discuss the best options. Contact us  now to learn more.

We cut out the middle man to make it a smooth process for our valued clients and the number one choice for better value and the highest quality engineering.

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