CLIENT: Bushmills

LOCATION: Antrim, Northern Ireland

INDUSTRY: Distilling

PROJECT: Spectac International Automation of Vat house, pipework and valve block systems


Spectac International won this contract from SPX Ireland to manufacture the entire Valve blocks required for the new Vat house extension.


These valve blocks were assembled in our factory in Dundalk and orbitally welded, fitted onto their bespoke valve block manifold frames and drip trays were fitted to each block. All valve blocks were pressure tested and certified before leaving our site in Dundalk. Our team of on-site engineers installed the valve blocks to their dedicated areas and proceeded to pipe from the whiskey Vats to the valve blocks.

Because the Vat house is an ATEX rated area, no welding was allowed so Spectac International built a purpose built workshop in an area beside the Vat house in order to prefabricate as much pipework as possible and flanges were used for the ease of installation.

This project took approx. 6 months to complete.

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