CLIENT: Dale Farm



PROJECT: Mechanical installation of the CIP pipework and provide 4 no. 30,000 Litre CIP vessels.


Tetrapak Ireland awarded Spectac International to do the mechanical installation of the CIP pipework and provide Dale Farm with 4 no. 30,000 Litre CIP vessels.


The CIP pipework allowed the washing of Dale Farm’s new alphamatic Cheese facility. The distance from the new CIP plant to the production area was 3,000 metres which in-turn meant that the flow and return lines were exceptionally long and had to go at high level through the powder storage facility. Spectac International carried this work out over a 4 month period.

Spectac International also ran a 6 inch stainless steel steam line to allow the upgrade of the existing CIP system. We had a team of highly qualified coded welders and pipefitters working on this project. We also supplied a number of Silos and Storage Vessels. The largest of the Silo’s being 350,000 Litres.

Spectac International currently carry out large and minor projects directly for Dale Farm on an annual basis.

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