The Teeling Distillery project was significant by any standards and it involved the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of a turnkey distillery over a very tight timeframe – in fact it took only 4 months from the time Spectac International secured the job through to the moment the team enjoyed the first drop of whiskey to be produced through the new distillery, just in time for Paddy’s day. And boy did it taste good!

It was an historical moment for the industry as it was the first new distillery in Dublin in about 125 years and it signifies a renewal in demand for handcrafted Irish whiskey.


Spectac International’s M.D., Tony Healy, outlined the complexity of the job. “We were working simultaneously on a variety of fronts; the fermentation vessels and tanks were being fabricated while the detail of the design and drawings, the electrical fit out and pipe installation and the PLC controls requirements were all being ironed out. There were considerable logistical challenges too – copper pot stills were ordered in from Frilli, our partners in Italy and we had to arrange the transportation of these as well as the transportation of the large tanks we were fabricating at our own facilities. Then there were components for the fit out that needed to be bought in from as far afield as China. Add to that the fact that the transportation and deliveries to the facility had to be done mainly at night-time – as it was a city centre location – and you can understand the level of planning and hands-on management that was needed.

Welding and Fabrication Expertise

Spectac International had about 20 welders working on the job to meet the tight deadline and it was fortunate that the company has been established for more than 25 years and over time it has built up inhouse fabrication skills that are probably second-to-none in the industry; led by its founder, Tony Healy, who played a very hands-on role in managing the team to maintain the highest standards in fabrication. Tony says “When you’re operating to those types of timeframes; you need experts on the job and we are lucky to have the inhouse expertise to work at speed while maintaining the level of quality fabrication needed for a project like this.”

Integrated PLC Controls

The software team were also busy – integrating a comprehensive PLC controls solution for an effective industrial automation process. The PLC controls work delivered included

  • Specifying the Recipe System
  • Agreed Summary/Overview screens
  • Devices Management
  • Training and Operational Support
  • ERP Integration Ready
  • Online reporting tools (ASP.NET based)
  • Detailed Trend and Batch reporting facilities

This system will deliver significant production efficiencies for Teelings Whiskey.

Spectac Raises The Roof

One of the many challenges that got heads scratching was how to physically install the equipment into the building – this was an old industrial building in the heart of the city, with no easy access points and the floor level for the equipment was different to the street level. Tony explains “We quickly realised that there was only one way in – through the roof! So we had to bring in a 300 tonne crane to manage the process of literally taking the roof off the building, loading in the equipment and replacing the roof as quickly as possible – it was an incredible sight and it stopped a lot of people in their tracks on the street that day!”

There was a considerable amount of equipment to install and this included 4 fermentation vessels and a wide variety of tanks; liquor, spent grain, CIP and more.

Tony felt a considerable sense of achievement when the entire distillery was installed 2 weeks ahead of schedule “It’s not easy to co-ordinate a complex job like this but with the right team behind you and a fantastic client like Teelings, the end-result was a huge success for all of us.”

Tour The Teeling Whiskey Distillery

If you’re interested in seeing the distillery in action, Teelings is offering tours of the facility this May – you might even enjoy a taste of the good stuff while you are there!

If you are in the distillery business and interested in Spectac International’s capabilities; we’d be delighted to talk with you – call now to discuss your requirements.


Click the video below to see how we completed this distillery in fast motion!

Teelings Gallery

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