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CLIENT: Tullamore Whiskey

LOCATION: Tullamore, County Offaly, Ireland

INDUSTRY: Distilleries

PROJECT: Pipework Installation and Tank Manufacturing


Spectac International successfully tendered for this project in December 2013. The initial challenge for this project was the tight deadline and trying to complete the work with the challenging Irish weather as most of the work was outdoors on pipe bridges. We had a team of 18 people working on site and all works where completed well within the project schedule.

Tank Manufacturing 

The challenge that we initially faced was the delivery of multiple tanks to a tight deadline. The next obstacle we had to overcome was the design and manufacture of platforms to hold the weight of the stainless steel tanks.

Pipework Solution

This project was a major pipework installation. Our team set up a working compound within Tullamore distillery so that all the pipework fabricating could be done on-site. In total our team installed up to 7km’s of stainless steel pipework.

One of our biggest challenges was welding the pipe sections together in an outdoor environment, our solution for this was installing rollers on all the pipebridge brackets so that we could weld the pipes together in a area where the pipebridge passed through a building and feed the pipes out along the rollers, by doing this we eliminated the risk of the atmosphere (wind / rain) interfering with the weld quality and we had 0% down time due to weather conditions.  All site specific and Spectac health and safety procedures where adhered to and we had no near misses or accidents on the project.  All pipework was pressure tested on completion.

Tank Manufacturing Solution

In the first part of the Tullamore Whiskey project we designed and manufactured ten 304 stainless steel spirit and wine receivers. The receivers were manufactured in-house at Spectac’s state of the art premises and then transported to Tullamore Whiskey for installation. We also constructed bespoke platforms to hold the weight of the spirit and wine receivers. The platforms were initially designed using specialist software and then installed to fit the exact dimensions required.  The whole project was delivered on time and adhered to the required high quality safety standards.

Spirit and Wine Receivers Delivered

  • 2x 6,750 Litres
  • 2x 11,250 Litres
  • 6x 6,000 Litres

In the second part of the Tullamore Whiskey project we delivered eleven 304 stainless steel tanks. The project included:

  • 1x 20,000 Litre Pot Receiver
  • 1x 20,000 Litre Malt Spirit Receiver
  • 1x 50,000 Litre New Make Malt Warehouse Vat
  • 1x 50,000 Litre New Make Pot Warehouse Vat
  • 1x 50,000 Litre New Make Grain Warehouse Vat
  • 1x 60,000 Litre Pot Low Wine and Weak Feint Tank
  • 1x 60,000 Litre Malt Low Wine and Weak Feint Tank
  • 1x 60,000 Litre Malt High Wine and Strong Feint Tank
  • 1x 60,000 Litre Pot High Wine and Strong Feint Tank
  • 1x 60,000 Pot Ale Tank (Insulated)

Each of the tanks was manufactured using high grade 304 stainless steel and adhered to the initial design brief. The project was delivered within the agreed time and all team members worked tirelessly to get the successful final result.

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