At Spectac International, we configure, integrate and support PLC controls in manufacturing environments.

PLC Controls facilitate automated manufacturing and this is an essential component of any modern industrial process vessel. PLC Software is easily operated through a menu system which is defined for each customer. Also, reports and summary information can be agreed and pre-set in appropriate formats. Training and technical support is given in relation to the operation and maintenance of the PLC controls.

Our high tech robust solution with integrated PLC controls and automation enables you to run a more economical, cost effective plant that is:

  • Improves efficiencies
  • User Friendly
  • Environmentally improves waste, cleaning and power
  • Low on labour
  • Low on running costs

Industrial automation using PLC controls are a key aspect of securing these benefits offers clients commercial efficiencies and cost-savings.

Just some of the extensive functionality includes:

  • SQL based, readily integrated with other systems e.g. ERP
  • Warning tracking and reports
  • Recipe driven software to reduce costs and increase efficiency of plant
  • Easy-to-use, configurable system
  • Transparent product traceability
  • Accessible web-based reports/trends

PLC controls are a central aspect of any modern manufacturing facility so we ensure this software is planned for at the outset of any fabrication requirements you have. We work closely with you to get the right configuration and test it post commissioning as well as train staff to manage the system when operational. After-sales technical support is also available, to ensure a smooth handover and hassle-free production.

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