Spectac International has experienced significant productivity gains since investing in a SAF Colum & Boom welding machine, which offers the very latest in innovative technology for automatic welding.

The technology is based on the use of a “plasma arc” which involves heating gases to over 3000 ° and using it as a cutting and welding tool. This type of stainless steel engineering is a major step forward from traditional TIG processes and it offers both Spectac International and its client’s many advantages, including:

  • Speed of operation – as the welding process is automated and undertaken with one welder working on the component, in conjunction with the equipment, productivity is significantly improved, which also increases the production capacity at the facility. In the past, two welders would have to manually work together, welding from both inside and outside a vessel. Now a single operator can monitor the welding process on a screen and simply adjust the head of the weld automatically if deemed necessary.
  • Aesthetically attractive welding – because the equipment operates to an extremely high level of precision and it welds both externally and internally, the end-result is a much more attractive, smoother look than can possibly be achieved using manual processes.
  • Excellent repeatability – as the process is automated and not manual, high-quality repeatability is easily achieved and the final weld will withstand even the toughest of inspections. As there is total control over the relevant parameters, the weld bead overlap that can be achieved is faultless.
  • Reduction in welding time – as this is a speedy, automated process, which involves complete, consistent penetration of the component or vessel, the time required to complete the welding work is radically reduced; up to four-five times quicker than manual welding. Where a project requires a number of vessels to be produced, the stainless steel engineering work involved can now be delivered much more quickly than in the past. Also, no edge preparation is necessary, handling of parts is much quicker and easier and the final welds need little or no finishing work – all of these elements contribute to the significant time-saving benefits of this equipment.

This equipment will give cost and efficiency benefits for Spectac International clients who invest in stainless steel engineering services, including those operating as breweries, distilleries, dairies, food processors and the pharma sector. And it enhances our capabilities in terms of the comprehensive turnkey solutions we provide in these markets.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

  • These projects have always been carried out on-time and professionally with innovative solutions from Spectac International which have saved time and impacted on numerous projects positively. I would recommend Spectac International for Stainless Steel Manufacturing to anyone in the Food & Beverages industries.


    Utilities and Engineering Development Manager



  • Spectac International have carried out projects for Norbrook Laboratories over a number of years, all of which were manufactured to very high quality standards. Spectac have an excellent focus on their customers and their attention to detail in manufacturing and turnkey solutions. There are always a number of critical criteria we look for in our manufacturing companies and Spectac tick all the boxes. We are satisfied customers and hope to continue working with them in the future.


    Production Manager


    Norbrook Laboratories

  • We have completed a number of process engineering projects with Spectac International as our main mechanical contractor. Spectac International has always shown a professional and prompt service and have shown great flexibility in order to achieve deadlines


    Projects & Engineering Manager


    SPX Flow Technology

  • Lakeland Dairies have used Spectac International for numerous projects throughout the years. In short, Spectac International have demonstrated expertise in manufacturing and attention to quality with regard to all projects for Lakeland. Spectac International have shown excellent customer care throughout the years. They have proved to us that no issue is too large or too small for Spectac International to deal with. I can honestly say that I would recommend Spectac International to anyone


    Plant Manger


    Lakeland Dairies

  • This is a reference to the high quality and standards from start to finish provided by Spectac International Ltd which we have been very impressed with. The Spectac International team have always carried out works in a timely and professional manner


    Head Brewer


    Bushmills Distillery

  • Spectac International provided a team of experienced fabricators to work on site. The standard of this service was excellent from an organisational point of view and delivery. The Cheese VAT project consisted of the removal of the outer steam jacket to facilitate the fitting of re-enforced ribs to the underside of the Cheese VAT and installing an access man-way to the side of this Cheese VAT and on completion re-instated steam jacket. This project was completed on time with thorough attention to detail, like other projects in the past that Spectac International have provided for us. I would have no hesitation to recommend Spectac International Ltd.


    Engineering Manager


    Glanbia Cheese

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