Spectac International Manufactures Permanent Steel Platform Structure to EN1090 standards in Partnership with Collen Construction

Spectac International Manufactures Permanent Steel Platform Structure to EN1090 standards in Partnership with Collen Construction

An exciting project has been underway this summer at Spectac International that differs from our main business of manufacturing stainless steel vessels! Having been contracted to carry out the work and manufacture of a permanent steel platform in collaboration with building contractor, Collen Construction, we’re now nearing the end of the project. The permanent platform is currently being installed at the premises of the IPSEN premises in Dublin.

Steel Platform Structure to EN1090 standards

The creativity, talent and experience of our design engineering department has made this project a huge success. Below you find further details on the project, our company and how certification was obtained. This information has kindly been prepared by our design engineers.

What is EN1090?

The EN 1090 standards are European standards that regulate the fabrication and assembly of steel and aluminum structures. Achieving accredited certification against EN 1090 is a requirement to allow the CE marking of a product. Since July Structural Steelwork and aluminum now fall under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)  and therefore must carry CE marking to demonstrate that they comply. The CPR seeks to harmonise the safety performance and ensure traceability of construction products across the European Union (EU). It is a criminal offense to make these types of products available for sale on the European market unless they are CE Marked. Further information on this standard and how to achieve accreditation in Ireland can be found here.

EN 1090 comprises of three parts:

  • EN 1090-1: Requirements for conformity assessment for structural components (CE-Marking)
  • EN 1090-2: Technical requirements for the execution of steel structures
  • EN 1090-3: Technical requirements for the execution of aluminum structures

What does CE marking indicate?

The letters “CE” are the abbreviation of the French phrase “Conformité Européene” when translated means “European Conformity”. The CE marking represents a manufacturer’s declaration that products comply with the EU’s New Approach Directives. CE marking is a certification mark that indicates conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products.

Benefits of achieving EN 1090 Certification

It ensures that the proper controls are in place at every stage of the manufacturing process. It covers all processes from the procurement of raw materials through to final inspection and testing.

  • Allows companies to apply CE marks to structural steel/Aluminium
  • Legal compliance for structural steel/aluminum manufacturers
  • Improves and ensures the quality of product
  • Demonstrates quality to customers

What role did Spectac International play?

Spectac is currently in the process of erecting the permanent platform structure that complies with the EN1090 standards. The project has been carried out in close collaboration with our client Collen Construction.

Spectac was contracted specifically to undertaken the platform work and the manufacture of said platform. However, before such a project can commence, ISO accreditation is required for its manufacture so that it fully complies with the stringent ISO quality specifications. Spectac International having already been awarded this accreditation allowed for the project to commence without delay.

The platform was designed with conformity to EN1090-2. This means that procedures to control and verify compliance with the design brief and checking calculations were in place and verified. We also had to ensure the competency of individuals responsible for the design and that all personnel relating to the project – from designers to welders – are suitably qualified and have adequate experience. All of their work procedures are documented.

All measuring, testing, welding, grinding and lifting equipment must be calibrated, regularly maintained and inspected.

Implementation of a written procedure for checking and recording that steel used on the structure conforms to the specification and that traceability of these products is in accordance with I.S. EN 1090-2.

What was the design role in this project?

This consisted of detailing all aspects of the platform, including creating the engineering drawings and deriving cuts lists for all the members associated with the structure. This included having traceability records on the drawings documenting the steel’s origin and the welder associated with fabrication.

We also liaised with the customer in seeking approval of the structure prior to fabrication. This involved all aspects from the steel structure, stairs, balustrades, location of openings in the chequer plate and the hand railing.

Organising with the shop foreman on the accessibility to the site as well as segmenting the structure so that transporting to the site could be achieved. Referencing and marking the structure to ensure all the correct items are fabricated on site.

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