Spectac International adds Value Beyond the Vessel

Our full spectrum of in-house capabilities allows us to offer complete stainless-steel solutions for brewing, distilling, dairy, chemical and pharma manufacturing.

Considered one of the leaders in our industry, our expertise goes far beyond that of just a manufacturer and installer of stainless-steel vessels. We provide our customers with added value services, simplifying the design stage, engineering stage and manufacturing process to reduce the time to market and costs. The term “value added” describes the enhancement a company gives its product or service before offering it to customers. According to the IDA there is a demand for value added not just in production but across the whole product life cycle from research, development & innovation to design, distribution and support services.

Spectac's added value servicesHaving the capabilities in house to offer our customers the complete solution lowers costs and ensures that key requirements are met. We believe that these services allow us to provide a high-quality product and after-sales service. Once the basic specifications and requirements are met, adding value beyond the vessel is vital. We offer both the products and services that are needed for a complete production system, an offering that few manufacturers have the capacity to facilitate. At Spectac International, we cut out the middleman providing the complete solution, which makes for better communication and an easier process for our customers.

Our range of value-added services include:

Product design

Our CAD (Computer Aided Design) team help bring our customers’ ideas to life. Specialised software helps them to create in-depth drawings of each project, outlining detailed plans on where the vessel or complete production system is to be situated. We listen to our clients’ requirements, working with them to ensure the design of the product and its key components just right.

“Our Spectac tanks are the best built tanks in the brewery, and they look stunning also. Couple that with a fast turnover from order to having the tanks in position and ready for product, you can’t find any better!” –  Galway Bay Brewery

These technical drawings are essential to the manufacturing industry as they allow for the input of precise measurements and specifications of both the vessel and additional parts and components. To aid our CAD drawings we also use P&ID’s – Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams. This is used to show the process flow and piping installed alongside the main equipment and machinery. Essentially it is the engineering & design of piping systems, designed to include all features down to the valves, instrument reducers, control interlocks and more. These drawings help in the development of the initial project design, but they are also essential for the upkeep and maintenance of the equipment, health and safety regulations and the implementation of start-up and shutdown processes.

We complete all projects in a professional and timely manner ensuring our processes are of the highest standards possible. Our product design team showcase their attention to detail on every project and no project is ever too big or too small for the team at Spectac International.

PLC Software

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller; it is a computer software used for industrial automation. With a well-programmed microprocessor, it has specially designed and implemented controllers which are immune to extremely high and low temperatures, humidity, dust, etc. These controllers can automate a specific process, machine function, or even an entire production line. At Spectac International, we configure, integrate and support PLC controls in manufacturing environments.

A high-tech robust solution with integrated PLC controls allows for a more cost-effective and economical running of a plant. PLC Controls facilitate automated manufacturing, and this is an essential component of any modern industrial process vessel. We work closely with clients to get the right configuration, ensuring it is tested and training is provided on how to manage the system once operational. After-sales technical support is also available, to ensure a smooth handover and hassle-free production.

Some of the extensive functionality includes:

  • Transparent product traceability
  • Accessible web-based reports/trends
  • Warning tracking and reports
  • Recipe driven software to reduce costs and increase efficiency of plant
  • Easy-to-use, configurable system
  • SQL based, readily integrated with other systems e.g. ERP

PLC software is easy to operate and can be customised with menu, report & summary information in suitable formats as per your requirements.

Onsite services

We love handing our products over to our customers, but we also want to ensure that they are tested and inspected before leaving our facilities. This is why we invite customers to our manufacturing premises for a thorough examination of the final outcome. Before delivery we also carry out a factory acceptance test (FAT), this is to verify that the equipment is built and operating in accordance with the original design spec.

Once the customer has approved of the vessel system, we schedule it’s delivery. Our engineering and technical team have vast experience in the process needed to install, commission, test and handover the stainless-steel products manufactured by Spectac international.

In addition to the final testing, delivery and installation of our products we offer our clients the option to include a full-service post installation at their premises. This is to ensure that the system is operating to its full potential, is creating optimal output and includes the fine tuning of PLC controls and operations of all additional components. In doing this service, we can then provide service level agreements to assure our customers that they will receive full after sales support and training should it be required.  As part of our after-sales service we do offer maintenance contracts, which brings us to our next point.

After-sales support

Our after sales support is unparalleled in the industry. We view our maintenance contracts as an essential part of the services offering at Spectac international, as the general upkeep of a vessel system will naturally prolong and extend its overall life span. Regular testing and repair work can ensure that there is no down time in the manufacturing processes and maintain quality production at all times. The general cleanliness of a vessel can make a big difference in any industry. A vessel lacking cleanliness can push the outcome to below expectations and can result in waste of product and loss of profit.

Having a team of experienced personnel means we have someone on hand to help clients with any questions, queries or issues. As part of the post commissioning stage, our after-sales support team offer the support needed to get the best outcome out of the system, whether you need to tweak an element of the system or make changes to the PLC controls. All with the aim of giving you peace-of-mind that the equipment and production process is running as it should during this critical stage.

If you have question regarding our value added services contact us today to find out more about how we can help.

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