Pharmaceutical Vessels Require a Sterile Environment For Particular Solutions

In processing pharmaceutical products, vessels/ tanks are required in a sterile environment to contain potent powders and acidic liquids.

Spectac International manufacture a range of pharma tanks; including, aseptic tanks, bio-reactors, clean-in-place vessels, de-ionised water storage tanks, fermenting vessels, mixing tanks, shell and tubes and skid units. In the next section we will briefly look at of each of these vessels.


Aseptic tanks

Aseptic tanks are usually used to handle ointments and drugs. They are manufactured to a high standard and the steel is cleaned and internally polished. These tanks allow for the sterilisation of vessels after each batch is processed, to ensure no bacteria can grow inside the tank. Spectac International custom design tanks to suit the requirements of clients.


Bio-reactors are necessary for the handling of highly corrosive and acidic materials. The stainless steel used to manufacture bio-reactors needs to be of a high quality. Spectac International use T-316L as the standard material when manufacturing bio-reactors. Spectac International work with customers to custom design bio-reactors to suit their processing requirements.


Cleaning in place (CIP) vessels have been around about 50 years. These types of vessels are used widely in hygiene critical industries, like the pharmaceutical industry. They are used in cleaning a wide range of plant. CIP is a very efficient method for cleaning machinery. A mix of chemicals, heat and water are used to clean machinery without needing to dismantle the plant. All the cleaning can happen at one time. Spectac International manufacture CIP vessels specific to the requirements of clients. Each CIP vessel is fitted with programmable logic controllers (PLC) for efficient, automated management of the cleaning process. In the pharmaceutical industry it is necessary for tanks to be cleaned regularly to ensure no bacteria grows inside the tanks.

De-ionised water storage tanks

Spectac International manufacture de-ionised water storage tanks. The tank is designed to remove impurities from water, to produce deionised water. Deionised water is required in the processing of pharmaceutical products. Spectac International work with each customer individually to build a tank which will suit the requirements of their water treatment system.

Fermenting Vessels

A fermenter (bioreactor) is a closed vessel used for holding and controlling fermenter microorganisms in a process known as fermentation. A fermentation vessel (fermenter) is built to specific requirements depending on the processing which is required of it. A fermenter is used in commercial production and the main purpose of a fermenter is to control temperature and keep oxygen out of the chamber to optimise the conditions necessary for microbial fermentation. The smallest of defects are unacceptable. Spectac provide specialist fermentation vessels with extensive technical designs to deliver innovative engineering techniques involved in the fermentation stages of producti

Holding Tanks

Liquids with different properties are required in the production of pharmaceutical products. It is necessary to store these liquids properly and safely. These liquids can be required at any point. The products are used as chemical agents to help in the decomposition of compounds. Some of these liquids are acidic in nature. To avoid any incident during production, Spectac International manufacture holding vessels that meet all legal and health requirements.

Mixing tanks

Mixing tanks are essential in the processing of pharmaceutical products. Mixing tanks in the pharma industry will be required to mix, dissolve, regulate, disintegrate and combine dry or liquid ingredients. Tanks need to be custom designed based on the requirements of the customer. Spectac International’s engineers are very experienced in manufacturing high quality tanks, made to the standards required by the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Shell and Tubes

In the pharmaceutical industry shell and tubes are used for heat exchange. Shell and tubes need to be sterile to meet the hygienic demands of this industry. Spectac International manufacture shell and tubes per each customer’s needs and specifications and depending on the volume of liquids to be handled. Shells and tubes need to be able to handle drugs, ointments and chemical mixers. Accurate temperature controls are essential in the production of pharmaceutical products.

Skid units

Skid units are similar to cooling jackets in fermenting vessels, they are critical to control the temperature during the production of pharmaceutical products. Skid units control both heating and cooling of applications. Skid units are used for short-term processing and are mobile, so they can be easily moved around the manufacturing plant when required. Skid units are usually combined with a mix of vessels, pumps and heat exchangers. Spectac International’s skid units are manufactured using Stainless Steel T-316L.

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